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About us

Arc Business Elevations (Arc Elevations) launched in response to needs and frustrations often expressed by small to medium-sized businesses. We found that many business owners recognize gaps and inefficiency within their operations, but do not have the time or resources to effectively address them.

With Arc Elevations, businesses have the opportunity to tackle projects, challenges and improvements (from systems engineering, to marketing, to HR solutions, and more) without the commitment of hiring an additional employee or reallocating resources.


To provide owners, directors and leaders with need-specific, solution-driven tools, systems and resources that elevate their businesses on many different levels.


A Southwestern Ontario filled with optimally-functioning businesses that invest in productivity and efficiency for the wellbeing of their operations, workplaces, and employees.


Systems Engineering & Project Management

During his career as a Mechanical Engineer in the high stakes automotive industry, Ben found a niche for himself improving and automating systems. After working with some local businesses, Ben discovered a passion and knack for solving problems and improving business processes.

He started Arc Business Elevations to offer alternative solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.


The “Arc” of Arc Business Elevations stands for “Architect” — Ben’s Myers Briggs personality type; known for being rational, creative and strategic.



Design, Content Creation & Technical Writing

During her 10+ years working in Marketing, Design and Communications, Katrina has worked with various small businesses, startups, large organizations, government organizations and not-for-profits.

Her experience has given her an appreciation for how professional design and communication can be used by businesses to advance internal goals, as well as external.

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